Enrolment applications are now open for year 11 students commencing in January 2021.

IES College offers the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme to Year 11 and Year 12 students. Students must be aged between 16 and 19 years of age to study the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme at IES College and have completed Year 10 in an Australian school or equivalent to commence in Year 11.

IES College accepts applications for enrolment any time prior to commencement of the academic year. It is recommended that international applicants apply a minimum of six months prior to commencement to allow time for processing of student visas. Enquiries, school tours and applications for enrolment are made via the online IES College Admissions portal

The following documents are required to be submitted with the IES College online application form. An accredited/official translation in English is also required if these documents have been issued in another language.

  1. A copy of the student’s Birth Certificate.
  2. A copy of the student’s valid Passport data page.
  3. A student statement (maximum of two A4 pages, Arial font size 12, or 2min video) demonstrating why they want to attend IES College and how they contribute to create a better and more peaceful world through intercultural understanding and respect.
  4. Copies of the most recent two (2) school reports.
  5. Educational, psychological, or medical reports if applicable

In accordance with the ESOS Act, international students are also required to submit:

  1. Evidence of English language proficiency (if schooling has not been delivered in English)
  2. Copy of AEAS test results (if schooling has not been delivered in English)
  3. If the student is currently enrolled in an Australian school, a Letter of Release from the current school at which they are enrolled.

Students must have completed Year 10 in an Australian School or equivalent and passed all subjects studied. Academic records for the previous two school years that indicate successful completion of the previous two years of education to a standard that will not disadvantage the student in the IB Diploma Programme must be provided. Students should note that success in the IB Diploma Programme requires a high level of English language proficiency and a high academic standard.

IES College requires evidence that an applicant meets the minimum English language requirements for entry into Year 11. A student must provide documented evidence that the student has been taught at a school for at least 2 years where English is the primary language of instruction; or achieved an

  • AEAS score of 70 or higher with Stanine 6 across the five skill areas.
  • academic IELTS (overall) test score of 5.5, or
  • general IELTS (overall) score of 6, or
  • EIKEN score of Grade 2 or higher for Year 11 entry.

Acceptance of other English language test results will be at the discretion of the Enrolments Manager and assessed on a case-by-case basis. Test must be valid and taken within two years of commencement at IES College.

If a students’ English language proficiency level does not meet the entry requirements, IES College may request that the student undertake further English language studies, at their own cost, in order to meet the English language course requirements prior to commencement of Year 11. English language proficiency will be reassessed at the conclusion of the course to ensure the student has met the required language proficiency level.

IES College provides students with English language support through a collaborative approach by academic subject teachers and English as an Additional Language or Dialect (EALD) teachers as required, to support the student’s needs in the context of an academically challenging environment.

Applicants who are unable to demonstrate English language proficiency based on their school reports are required to submit AEAS Year 10-12 test results with their application. Our goal is for students to thrive and succeed, both socially and academically and the AEAS test results provide an indicator of how students will fit into the IES College student community.

Please refer to AEAS website for further information on AEAS test and the required fees. The minimum level required for entry into year 11 at IES College is an AEAS score of 70 with Stanine 6 across the five skill areas on the AEAS test.

To enrol at IES College, please follow the steps outlined below. If you require any information during the application process, please contact our Enrolments Office on or +61 7 3832 7699.

Step 1 — Complete the Online Application

The online application will guide you through the process and can be saved to complete at a later date, using a unique code which is emailed to the applicant. The Learning Overview should be referred to for information regarding subject selection.

Step 2 - Acknowledgment of Application

Upon successful completion of an online application, one of our Enrolments Team will be in contact with you to progress the application, including inviting you to IES College to meet with the Principal (or delegate) and invite you to tour our campus. For applicants from overseas or located outside of Brisbane, a virtual meeting and school tour will be arranged.

Please understand, the successful lodgement of an enrolment application does not guarantee enrolment at IES College. Enrolment is subject to the offer process and acceptance of the Student Enrolment Agreement.

Step 3 - Offers of Enrolment

Offers are made on receipt of successful applications until the cohort is full.

Step 4 - Accepting an offer

Domestic and International Students: A signed Enrolment Agreement is required to accept a place at the School.

International students are then provided with a Confirmation of Enrolment Letter and a Confirmation of Accommodation and Welfare (CAAW) Letter if required, to support their student visa application to the Australian Department of Home Affairs​

For students requiring accommodation book directly with either Australian Homestay Network (AHN) or Student One via the IES College student accommodation booking portals:

If you have any further queries regarding our student accommodation options, please contact our Enrolments team on

Step 5 - Transitioning from Prospective Student to IES College Student

Once enrolment has been confirmed, in the year prior to entry, students and their parents are provided with several opportunities to become familiar with the School, participate in parent and community events, and meet teachers and other students commencing in the same year. Students and their family will be officially welcomed to IES College on commencement of Year 11.

Changes to Enrolment Application Details

IES College must be notified of any change to the student/parent’s contact details provided on the enrolment application. Your privacy is important. IES College’s Privacy Policy provides information about how the School uses and manages your personal information


Enrolment Fees

  • Application for Enrolment: no fee payable at the time of lodging an online application

Tuition Fees
IES College has an all-inclusive tuition fee policy which covers the cost of the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme, including a wide range of activities delivered as part of the CAS (creativity, action, service) component of the IB CORE. Students are expected to bring their own computing device which must meet the minimum requirements set out in the Digital Citizenship and BYOD Policy, which can be purchased on your own or through the School Locker.

Refer to the 2021 Tuition Fee Schedule for further details. Tuition fees and charges are subject to annual review and further information is available from the Enrolments Office at or +61 7 38327699.