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IES Foundation Year New Campus Scholarships for Malaysian Students

Scholarship for:

New Campus Scholarships are available to all Malaysian students to celebrate the official opening of IES College's second and third campuses. The scholarships are available for entry into all 2018 and 2019 IES Foundation Year programs - the Standard, Express and Extended programs.

Availability and benefits:

Note: Conditions apply. Unless otherwise stated, scholarships may not be used simultaneously. E.g. If a student's application for a 50% academic scholarship is successful, they will no longer be eligible for the 25% New Campus Scholarship.

Tenable at:

IES College (IES Foundation Year).


To be considered for the New Campus Scholarship, a student must:

Application procedure:

Closing Dates:

Mid November: For semester 1 entry in the following year

Mid April: For semester 2 entry in the same year


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Malaysian New Campus Scholarship Flyer 2018