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IES Foundation Year Scholarships for Outstanding Sri Lankan Students

Scholarship for:

50% scholarships are available for Sri Lankan students with outstanding academic results, seeking to enter IES Foundation Year in the Standard and Express programs.

Availability and benefits:

Note: Conditions apply. Unless otherwise stated, scholarships may not be used simultaneously. E.g. If a student's application for a 50% academic scholarship is successful, they will no longer be eligible for other Scholarships available at IES College.

Tenable at:

IES College (IES Foundation Year); and is linked to the pathway into The University of Queensland (UQ).


To be considered for this scholarship, a student must:

Application procedure:

Closing Dates:

Mid November: For semester 1 entry in the following year

Mid April: For semester 2 entry in the same year

For more information please contact

(61) 7 3832 7699

Sri Lankan Scholarship Flyer 2018