IES College is a senior high school that offers a range of university pathway options.

Our Year 10 follows the Australian Curriculum. For Year 11 and 12, we have chosen the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme for its international focus, broad and balanced educational experience that equips our students with essential contemporary skills and values they will need to live a fulfilled and purposeful life. At the end of year 11, students can opt for the 10950NAT Certificate IV in University Preparation as an alternate pathway to undergraduate studies in Australia.


Year 10

10950NAT Cert IV in University preparation


At IES College, students learn to work well in teams, confidently communicate their ideas, think critically and creatively, navigate uncertainty, take measured risks and embrace diversity with a global mindset. These concepts help students to develop a broader view of life and prepares them for success.

Our vision for your success is about seeing our students cultivate meaningful relationships and gaining the skills to make positive change in the world. We also want them to learn how to manage in the face of adversity and to develop a strong sense of self and a responsibility to the environment and the people they share it with.

To have the ‘smarts’ to get out in the world and to make their mark on it in a positive way, with kindness, compassion and an open mind – this is the kind of person we help our students become at IES College.