At IES College you’ll be part of a truly diverse and supportive student community where you’ll be challenged to develop your full potential alongside other young people who are ready to think innovatively and understand that intercultural understanding and cooperation have never been more important.

You won’t just graduate from IES College with an internationally respected qualification, but you’ll also be a well-rounded, thoughtful person, with new friends from across the globe, a broad outlook on life, and have gained the skills and values to proactively contribute to your local and global communities – you’ll be really prepared for the challenges of university and beyond.

“The global world starts on our doorstep.”

– George Walker


Big isn’t always better, and at IES College, we’re proud to be providing a smaller-scale learning environment where every student will have an important place where they can make a positive contribution, reach their potential, and feel safe, supported and heard. Our teaching and professional staff, including POD Mentors, will work alongside our students with care throughout their two years with us.

The creativity, activity, service (CAS) component of the IB programme is also a key contributor to health and wellbeing. By undertaking physical activity, creative pursuits and service to the community, you’ll energise your mind, body and connections with important projects that will enrich your educational experience and encourage you to live life to the full.



Classes will begin at 9am at IES College, because we know a later start is what teenage bodies and brains need to flourish. Your timetable will be flexible and look more like a university program. You’ll have a combination of later starts and earlier finishes, and some free time for study during the day. This will all be part of strengthening your skills as a responsible, independent learner.

You will be welcome to be on campus anytime from 8am until 5pm – quiet study spaces, places to socialise with other students or to work on group assignments, as well as library and technology resources, available to you during this time.



Our fully refurbished Spring Hill building will be a welcoming and comfortable learning hub for you to study at. Light-filled spaces to collaborate and socialise, quiet places for concentration and deep thinking, flexible classrooms that can be transformed for purpose, as well as STEM and art studios, technology and multimedia resources, performing arts space and more.


We’re not restricted by a facilities budget or a ‘majority wins’ approach. What we don’t have space to provide physically on campus, we will secure access to through our range of community networks. Often this will mean students will have access to a range of bolder, more diverse and tailored experiences.



Brisbane is the capital city of the state of Queensland. We enjoy a mild climate with lots of sunshine and blue skies, and a wonderful natural environment on our doorstep for you to explore.

Explore the following links to information about living and studying in Brisbane:



Brisbane is one of Australia’s most liveable cities, and Spring Hill is ideally located a short walk from the City centre. If you live locally, you’ll know that Spring Hill is a dynamic community with a rich history, that’s really easy to access by public transport. It’s also a convenient drop-off location for parents working in the City.

But if you’re from outside of Brisbane or you’re coming from overseas to study with us – we can’t wait to introduce you to our very special part of the world!


IES has been part of the Spring Hill community for more than 20 years. We have strong community and business contacts and the history and vibrancy of our local area is as important to us as a school..

Through CAS, the core IB element of creativity, activity and service, you’ll have the opportunity to build your own connections in the community through projects, and to keep fit and healthy in mind and body as you explore your own passions.

The culture of our students is also really important to the philosophy of IES College. So whether you’re an international student, you’ve recently become an Australian citizen, or you and your family are from Brisbane, the suburbs, or the bush, your culture will be embraced and celebrated as part of our broader program of IES College activities and community and family engagement.


Whether you are a local student from Brisbane, a rural or regional student from Australia, or an international student from overseas, if you are not living with your family in Brisbane you can choose to live in one of our partner accommodation providers.

IES College ensures arrangements are in place to protect students’ personal safety and wellbeing while in IES’ care. Students who do not apply for an approved relative to be their guardian will have the Principal of IES College as their guardian during their time in Australia, meaning IES will be responsible for their accommodation and welfare.

While under IES College’s guardianship, students are required to live in one of IES’ approved accommodation providers. Students under the age of 17 years must stay in IES’ nominated Homestay, Australian Homestay Network (AHN). AHN conducts thorough orientation interviews, periodic inspections, and discussion forums with all homestay families to ensure a happy and safe environment.

Students 17 years and over have the option to live in either AHN, or at Student One – a leading inner-city student accommodation provider to offer a safe and secure dedicated student living experience.

Student One is located on the corner of Adelaide and Wharf Street, a convenient 10 min walk from IES College or a 3 min shuttle bus journey. There will be a dedicated IES College floor to build and strengthen the IES College student community, however students will have the opportunity to place themselves within a culturally diverse peer network of residents studying at a range of Brisbane’s secondary school and tertiary education campuses.

Student One’s team, made up of experienced management, staff and resident assistants, will be there to guide IES College students through their study and life in Brisbane. For international students, they will implement the under 18 Student Visa requirements to the standards of IES College.

Under 18 students will be accommodated on an u18 only floor, with restricted access via electronic proximity card control. Five CCTV cameras are located throughout the dedicated u18 floors, in addition to multiple cameras located throughout the building. Documented, daily curfews apply for all under 18 residents of 8pm Sunday to Thursday and 10pm Friday and Saturday.

International students are required to live in either AHN or Student One, unless they are in the full-time care of a parent/guardian or relative who is living permanently in Brisbane, and has been approved by the Australian Government.