Our Year 10 academic program, while derived from the Australian Curriculum, is balanced, and complemented by similar approaches used in the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP) which are designed to address the intellectual, social, emotional, and physical well-being of students. Students will develop their interpersonal skills through experiential learning, collaborative problem solving, and overcome personal challenges through self-discovery. They will also foster international mindedness and cultural awareness through the links we have in indigenous communities, multicultural communities, and proposed partner schools.

IES College students are encouraged to think to the future and design their program of study from the commencement of Year 10 towards learning areas where they experience achievement and enjoyment to give them the best opportunity for future success. Prior to commencing their studies at IES College, students will be offered subject selection advice to help them tailor their Year 10 studies in a way to that assists with a smooth articulation into and success throughout the IBDP program.



In addition to their academic studies, students will be required to participate in various extracurricular activities throughout the year.

In keeping with a similar model as our IB senior years Creativity Activity and Service (CAS) program, a range of activities, experiences and skills sessions will be offered to Year 10 students that contribute to the development of the student’s identity and transferable skills, complementing the academic programme in a holistic way.

Through their participation, students will be encouraged to find connections to their academic studies, and create opportunities to develop, their creative skills, their physical health and wellbeing, as well as service-learning opportunities.



All students study subjects within the core learning areas of English, Science and Mathematics.

To assist in smooth transition to senior studies, preparing students for Ab Initio language studies within the IB Diploma Programme all students will be required to study Languages for the duration of their Year 10 studies. This will be made up of one semester of French and one semester of Spanish.

Students will then choose elective subjects from the other learning areas, HASS, The Arts, Technologies, and Health & Physical Education. The subjects currently being offered include:

Economics and Business*
Civics & Citizenship*
Visual Arts*
Design & Technology

* Indicates those Year 10 subjects that align with the current IB Diploma Program subject offerings in Year 11 and 12.

Important Notes:
HASS Studies: Year 9 results and/or confirmation of subjects will be required at enrolment to confirm what HASS studies have been completed. Students must complete two (2) semesters of History, and two (2) semesters of one other HASS subject (Geography, Economics & Business, or Civics & Citizenship) over the course of Year 9 and 10. Where students are yet to meet this requirement, HASS subjects will become compulsory subject selections. For example, if only one (1) semester of History and one (1) semester of Economics and Business was completed in Year 9, the student will have to complete one (1) semester of History and one (1) semester of one other HASS subject in their Year 10 program at IES College.

Subject Options: It is envisaged that as the College grows the number of elective subject options available to Year 10 students will also grow to meet the need of the student cohort.

Electives: Elective subjects being offered are subject to change. Not all elective subject selection combinations may be available – consider back up subject selection options.

Number of Subjects: While three (3) elective subjects are the minimum number required for Year 10 students, the College will consider, on a case-by-case basis, requests from students to study four (4) electives – where the combination of subjects is possible.


We encourage students to design their program of study from the commencement of Year 10 by selecting subjects that align with their study plans for Year 11 and 12 in areas where they experience success and enjoyment. Success in senior years of schooling will depend on the choices made at the start of Year 10; therefore, it is important to take the time when making decisions about subject selections.

When selecting subjects for Year 10 refer to our guide – Year 10 at IES College, for tips on how to make the best subject selections for you.